ITSCI works to achieve avoidance of conflict financing, human rights abuses, or other risks such as bribery in mineral supply chains. By making available unique and credible information to businesses, government authorities and civil society participation in ITSCI allows them to take appropriate and effective decisions on due diligence and steps towards progressive improvement.

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Building on work funded by TPV’s sister companies AOC International (Europe) B.V. and MMD-Monitors & Displays B.V. in their collaboration with ITSCI’s former Field Operator Pact, TPV’s support adds new components furthering the goal of supporting artisanal mining communities and enhancing responsible sourcing practices in the tin, tantalum, and tungsten (3T) sector in the DRC.

The project’s multiple components will be implemented in North and South Kivu Provinces. In conflict-affected and high-risk areas, risks related to human rights and security may arise due to lack of knowledge about legal instruments, protections, and responsibilities in the mining sector. To mitigate this, ITSCI will train local stakeholders on local laws and regulations most notably the DRC Mining Code. This will benefit artisanal miners, state mining services, public security forces, and local community members, whilst also increasing their understanding of their rights and enhancing governance of the mining sector overall. The project will particularly address the topic of gender challenges in mining, including women’s rights and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence. Recognising the significant contribution made by women to artisanal and small-scale mining, ITSCI will implement awareness-raising activities to promote and enhance women’s empowerment in the sector.

The project further focuses on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks which are prevalent in artisanal and small-scale mining. Many of these risks can have significant human, social, and economic impacts, but can often be avoided through safer mining practices. ITSCI will conduct multiple trainings on OHS in mining for artisanal miners, cooperatives, and state services and will work with them to jointly support ongoing risk monitoring and mitigation at ITSCI monitored sites.