Selection criteria

Selection criteria

  • We value an entrepreneurial mindset and support projects focused on long-term impact.
  • Development is a significant aspect of the project, the desire to make something truly ‘better’. It’s about improving an underprivileged or disadvantaged situation.
  • We provide support for the longer term, not necessarily by means of a one-off investment but possibly over several years.
  • The application contains a project plan with summary, an implementation plan with clear deadlines and a communication plan for the progress.
  • Add images so that we get a good picture of the project.

What do we do & what not?

We support:

  • Concrete projects with a clear beginning and end
  • Sustainable initiatives, continue to exist independently after completion
  • Projects where we are updated personally
  • Requests that show that you have studied us
  • Projects with a possible link to our internal awareness activities and material topics

We don’t support:

  • Applications for individuals
  • Applications on behalf of social enterprises
  • Crowdfunding, sponsor requests or fundraising
  • Projects of commercial interest
  • Promotion & scientific research