Office Amsterdam

BOOST is a unique meeting place in Amsterdam where people with and without a refugee background work together on connection, integration and perspective. In 2016, when the migration crisis was at its peak, they started as a citizens’ initiative. BOOST is committed to an inclusive society and we offer a place where newcomers can build their future in peace. Where they can learn & practice the Dutch language, do homework, play sports, develop other talents, get to know each other, connect with locals and volunteer.

All activities are for free, including a warm lunch that is served every day from Monday to Friday. BOOST is run by a large group of volunteers (>100, both Dutch people and newcomers) and a small paid team (8 people).

Refugee Walk

Office Ghent

Globally, almost 80 million people are fleeing violence, war and persecution. They travel huge distances, often by foot, in search of a safe home. Every September, our colleagues in Ghent participate in the annual Refugee Walk, with a symbolic route of 10 km to raise money for people on the move. A recreational walk for them, a harsh and daily reality for people who are fleeing their country.

“This walk is a great initiative to raise awareness and money, and to support the work of Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen. In Ghent, we use the moment to reflect on our privileges, spend some quality time together outside of working hours, and realize that together we are stronger! We already look forward to the next refugee walk!”

Paola Masuzzo – Lead Data Scientist at TP Vision

Forest cleaning days

Office Prague

The biggest enemy of the Czech forests is the bark beetle. Foresters must harvest the trees in these outbreaks as soon as possible and take them out of the forest to prevent further spread of the pest. In cooperation with Lesy České republiky s.p. we help with cleaning the forest but we also plant new trees. The main reason of this activity is to protect healthy forests and enlarge the areas for afforestation in following years.