Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 and has become one the largest, most well known, worldwide charities. The organisation helps to eliminate poverty and social injustice in order to enable communities to experience a life lived to the full.

In the Netherlands, the organisation – under the name Leger des Heils – is working to increase its community centre rooms from 110 to 200, to allow it to reach more vulnerable residents and provide them with access to connected technologies.

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The TPV Cares programme for Leger des Heils includes the donation and installation of Philips displays plus encouragement for the organisation’s employees to support the education of local communities. This activity leads to a better understanding of the needs of communities as they change over time.

By initially working with five of the Leger des Heils community centres, PPDS was able to review the work conducted and then provide displays that would best suit the specific needs. A selection of Philips professional displays was then installed, together with the necessary brackets and trolleys donated by partner organisation, Vögels.

The displays are for a range of purposes including providing entertainment, offering education and information.