TheRockinR & Special Effect Charity Event

Two inspiring charities, TheRockinR and SpecialEffect, are at the forefront of using the power of video games for social good. TheRockinR, founded in memory of Reece Miree, delivers interactive Medical Gaming Carts to hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland, offering sick children and young people a welcome diversion from their medical challenges. These carts not only provide entertainment but also crucial psychological and social support.

SpecialEffect, with its innovative approach, focusses on enabling people with physical challenges enjoy video games. Their team, comprising occupational therapists and gaming specialists, tailor gaming setups with modified controllers and eye-tracking sensors, ensuring inclusive gaming experiences for all.

Monitors donated by AOC and Philips Monitors have been deployed by both charities.

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Pancake Day Special: A Blend of Gaming, Charity, and Fun

Organised by TPV Cares, AOC, and Philips Monitors, the Pancake Day Special is scheduled for 13 February 2024 at the Platform Shoreditch, London. This is an event that embodies the spirit of gaming and charity, set to be an exciting blend of competitive gaming, charitable fundraising, and pancake-making fun from 6 pm to 10 pm. The highlight of the evening includes delicious pancakes and a Mario Kart tournament where participants will get the chance to compete on state-of-the-art AOC monitors. Alongside the gaming action, attendees can participate in raffle draws with attractive prizes. Those unable to be present physically at the Platform Shoreditch, can still enter the raffles online and contribute by donating to these great causes via JustGiving.

The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the commendable work of TheRockinR and SpecialEffect in making gaming an accessible and enriching experience for all. It’s an evening where every game played and every pancake flipped contributes to a larger cause – transforming the gaming world into a space of inclusivity and healing.